kanchi sarees – queen of silk

India is rich with royal traditions and cultures, which attract the west due to their magnificence. Indian Yoga, Indian textiles, Indian jewelry are our heritage which, people worldwide yearn for. Indian textiles are available in many diverse varieties and ladies throughout the globe are fascinated by the fineness of the fabrics. Kanchi saree is one of the best saree in India and people from all around the world love it for its intricately woven lustrous silk, which has a shimmering sheath over it. The texture of the saree is smooth and soft, unlike other varieties of silk, as they are created using mulberry silk. Kanchi sarees are durable and comfortable sarees and will last forever if handled with care. This saree is unique due to exceptional color contrasts in the base and borders of the saree. https://kanjivaramsilks.com/pattu-sarees-online

cream kanchi sarees

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Exceptional patterns and motifs drafted in kanchipuram

Tamil Nadu is the hub for Kanchi sarees and they are hand woven by community of weavers from the town of Kanchi. The designs which are infused in the sarees are inspired by nature or paintings. Motifs include Sun, Moon, peacocks, elephants, lions, swans, parrots, leaves or flowers. Many sarees have paintings or sculptures depicted on them, inspired by painter Raja Ravi Varma or scenes from Ramayana or Mahabharata. Mostly worn by the well-off people, this saree indicates social benchmark of a person, which makes it more desirable by ladies. Kanchi sarees provide sophistication to the overall look with its powerful and traditional look.


Genuine Kanchi-how to recognize?

The feel of pure kanchi saree is so soft that by touching the saree you can feel its high quality. The garment feels Royal to look at and colors are rich and vibrant which makes it stand out. Many kanjivaram silks  are crafted in shiny pure gold zari which glistens and shimmers; however, they are saved for special occasions only. The garment is so lavish in itself that it requires minimal accessories to go with.


Styling the Kanchi Saree

It is important to style the saree properly in order to enhance the appearance of such an elegant drape. Wear stilettos with it to add grace to the fall of the saree. Wear gold hued footwear in high heels to compliment the saree. Jewelry can be used to uplift the ethnic look with chandbali earrings, gold accent bangles or temple design necklaces. Carry a metallic clutch in gold or potli bags with ethnic embroideries along with a Kanchi saree. Sport a round bindi with black eyeliner and gajra in hair to feel more feminine.


Blouses in contemporary designs

While Kanchi sarees have evolved into modern designs like dots, stripes, waves or geometric lines, the blouses can also be structured in more contemporary forms. You can flaunt blouses with contemporary silhouettes and fantastic designs to get a more chic and sophisticated look. these saree comes with a traditional blouse made in Kanchi silk which is usually stitched in basic round neck with small sleeves, but you could opt for brocade or sequined fabric to make a sensuous blouse which compliments the saree.

these soft silk sarees are fabulous with its every element magnificent to visualize. This south Indian beauty is a must have in your wardrobe, so gear up for upcoming festive season and buy a Kanchi sari today.