Green silk sarees for wedding

silk sarees is appreciated not only in India but throughout the world. India is the second largest producer of silk after China. The nine yards long drape is one of the most worn and celebrated ensemble of all time. Sarees such as Benarasi, Kanjeevarams, etc. look best when woven in silk. Tussar silk is another specialty of India. The grace and grandeur of these beautiful silk saris cannot be matched with anything. Silk saris come in a plethora of colors, designs and textures. The wideness of this gives you a choice to wear whatever color you like white and gold, Red or earthen colors, etc. But for all you nature lovers, the color for which you wait eagerly is the topic of the day. Yes, I’m talking about Green Silk saris at kanjivaram silks . And if you are thinking of wearing it to your special day, you are in luck because I will give you all possible information on where you can score one!

green contrast border silk sarees

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If you are looking for the rich and extravagant Kanjeevaams with pallus and borders of gold, here are some of the most exotic store, both online and offline.

  1. Nallis – One of the most visited and popular stores both online and around the country. This store holds a vast variety of sarees – be it just green Maheshwari, Chanderi, georgette, Crepe silk or the much wanted Kanjeevarams. Being one of the oldest showrooms in India, Nalli has one of the finest qualities and cannot be compared with any other brand. Their collections in Bridal outfits in green color are just mesmerizing and leave the onlookers in awe.

Sudarshan Silks – Operating in Bangalore since 1944, Sudarshan Silks has now even stepped into online business. They have been selling ethnic attires and Indian traditional sarees for almost 70 years now. They are the pioneers of Kanjeevarams and have varieties in green colors. They come in dark green, bottle green, olive green, lemon green with borders combined with colors like ochre with chevron pattern or heavy gold and red border and have immense variety. Sudarshan Silk not only sells within the country, but all those brides outside the country who want to stick with their culture, they even provide sarees in countries like UK, USA, Malaysia, Canada, Australia, etc. So invest in them and enjoy the benefits of their after sales services as well.

  1. Mirraw – Another one of those most popular and high end fashion brands for traditional outfits is Mirraw. Their wide range of silk sarees is just mind blowing. But you get to see the vastness and perfect combinations of colors and designs in Kanjeevarams. Their Kanjeevarams are made just for the modern bride as they merge the contemporary colors with the traditional motifs very well. The brides, now – a- days have even started draping their green kanjeevarams in an Indo western fashion. This way they wear ethnic outfits yet the fashion trend is bang on.
  1. Harnini Silks – Harnini Silks have a collection as if they are the direct descendants of the craftsmen from Kancheepuram. Their fineness in weaving and the intricacy of design is worth being commended for. A bride adorned in a green Kanjeevaram is the most beautiful thing ever. And Harnini silks make sure they give out their most delicate quality to that bride.

Are there other green sarees besides Kanjivaram sarees, which look just as beautiful on a bride and embrace her silhouette with undefined grace? Of course there are! They come from the one of the most religious town of North India. If Kanjeevaram were worn by the queens, this saree is said to be the cloth of Goddesses themselves and are known as the “Beauties of the North”.  If you still can’t seem to get a hang of it, I’ll tell you what I’m talking about – Benarasi sarees! They are made in the holy city of Benaras by the most talented weavers there. Now, if you’re looking for Benarasis in green color, I’ll tell you just the place. Keep reading for further information.


  1. Craftsvilla – Recenly gained popularity, craftsvilla holds the finest collection of green Benarasi sarees. They segregate their sarees in the most effective manner, making sure that they only display what’s best in the market. Craftsvilla has the ability to seek the best of designs for the brides to be. This gives brides plenty of options to choose from. They happen to have designer silk sarees as well as handlooms. Their price variation gives you enough options to buy relatively cheaper sarees as well as sarees that you could cherish for an entire lifetime.
  1. Kalanjali – Kalanjali is one of the sister showrooms of Ramoji Industries. They believe in picking out sarees from the remote corners of the country so that it is done by the most skilled artisans famous in a particular craft. The secret to India’s beauties can be well seen at Kalanjali. Green Benarsi saree with gold motifs in various other designs and tints of green can be seen at Kalanjali.  The brides will find this a must stop shop for their day. Besides having showrooms in a number of cities, they even sell their silk sarees online which gives you the luxury of ordering your favorite kanjivaramsilks wedding sarees from anywhere. So flaunt that beautiful nine yards and earn the compliments meant for you!


  1. Weavesmart – If you are a person who just loves handloom and would go to any corner of the world for a sweet piece of handmade saree, then weavesmart is your Mecca. They bring the handloom sarees to you. One of the largest collectors of Benarasi silk sarees, Weavesmart happens to have a large social following. So wear this precious green Silk saree to your wedding and look dazzling with the right kind of jewelry.

Your wedding day is the most special day in your life. So adorn the most beautiful color and go green! We have given you a lot of options above so that you can choose from the northern beauty or the Southern exquisiteness. Go new this wedding season and make your life colorful and happy ahead by choosing a green ensemble to wear at your wedding.