Soft Silk Sarees in chennai t nagar– Opt for one to live a Diva

When it comes to flaunting a fascinating appearance while maintaining dignity, Saree is the most interesting pick for women. Buying a saree is always an overwhelming event for women, especially who are obsessed to look great. If it is about a special event or occasion like festival, wedding or reception functions, etc. most women love silk, obviously due to its marvelous radiant. The soft touch and feel is the highlight of this costume. In evaluation to other kinds of sarees, it is quite comfortable to wear and carry. For online shopping of these sarees check out


Soft silk sarees in chennai t nagar- The super amazing texture

The most exciting featured of a silk sari is its texture that is a wonderful pick for a sparkling look. Mad with pure silk threads, they are airy, extremely light and soft like butter. The super amazing texture and fabric make it ideal for summer months and humid climate. When it is hot outside, you can give a cool treat to others by draping a beautiful hand woven silk sari. Remember, you are going to  kanjivaram silks and a combination of grace and sophistication always come with a cost. Be ready to spend a good amount of money, to be an owner of pure silk sari.

Soft Silk sarees are trending more than ever 

Sarees always remain ‘in’ fashion. Despite of countless variations in fashion domain, this Indian costume never fades its magnificence and spark. It is just like a wine, which is becoming even more desirable over time. Women from all walks of time love this stunning costume for different events. Some women are cognizant for their look, but for other comfort matters the most. these sarees are best pick for both. Whenever, you will drape these sarees, you will look like a diva with unmatched fashion sense.

Varieties are innumerable

Indian is one of the biggest and prominent silk producers all around the globe. If you look around, you can find countless varieties of silk in the market. Buying a pure silk saree can burn a hole in your pocket. To make the soft silk sarees in chennai t nagar in the reach of everyone, the manufactures have some different kinds of silks. Art silk is a popular substitute of pure silk. It is soft and comfortable to wear just like silk. Women, who don’t wish to compromise with their look but have a limited budget can go for art silk over pure silk. Make a selection smartly so that people will focus only on your breathtaking look, not on your shopping bill.

What to look while selecting a  soft silk saree?

Thanks to the regional weavers, craftsmen and fashion designers, we have an immeasurable range of silk saree. A lot of online e-commerce stores have an assortment of sarees to please you. There is no shortage of colors, designs and price range. To look at your best, pick a color and design that complements your physique, height and weight. With the right choice of designs and patterns, you can highlight your features and put your flaws out of sight.

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Kanchipuram Wedding Silk Sarees (Makers),

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11. Silk Sarees Online – Some Tips To Check the Genuineness   

Saree – a traditional Indian costume is a clear winner when we asked the ladies about their preference. It has won the millions of hearts as the majority of women love to drape a saree on all special occasions, including wedding, festivals, home warming parties and more. The popularity of this six yard elegant garment has already crossed the geographical boundaries and has become famous globally. Silk Sarees online are probably the sovereign of saree world. When it is about a very special occasion, women love to choose silk over any other option. However, owing to high demand, many companies offer duplicate Silk sarees online to make quick money. Don’t come back with a duplicate silk sarees online with a hefty price tag https://silksareesonline.co.in . Here are some tips that can help you to make a smart selection.

Go for a rub test – It is a clever test to know whether a saree is made of good quality silk or some synthetic fabric. Just rub the fabric with your thumb. Real silk gets warm swiftly when you rub it. Carry out the test and the result will be in front of you. Don’t pick a saree if you don’t feel that warmness.

Ring test is must – Do you know what the most amazing feature of silk sari is? Well, it is its soft and smooth texture. these sarees are soft like butter. Have you ever heard about the famous ring test? Just pick a ring and the whole saree will pass through from the ring if it is the real silk. You can’t imagine it with any other fabric.

Let’s burn a few threads – It is the most proficient test to check the genuineness of silk saree. To carry put this test, take some threads of silk and burn them. Silk thread does not create any flame when it burns. Once burnt, it leaves some coal black ash behind. If you will try to touch or rub it, the ash will be turned into power. It is the best way to check whether the saree is woven with real silk or not. If there is any other fabric in the saree, it creates a colorful flame and causes an unpleasant smell. Also, it does not have any ash.

Silk saris come with a price tag – A silk sari is the result of the hard work of many weavers and craftsmen. It takes several weeks and even months to weave a saree. Depending on the embroidery, gold and silver zari is used to weave saree. There is no short cut to design a soft silk sari. This is the reason why these sarees are offered at pretty high rates. If someone is giving you a discount, make sure you are getting real silk sari against that. Although some companies mix and match some other fabrics with silk thread, but they clearly mention the details. Being a customer, you can ask about the combination of threads and fabric.

Take care of these tips when you buy silk sarees online!

2. Show Off Your Class with Dazzling Kanchipuram Sarees    

A south Indian bride is imperfect without a Kanchipuram Saree. Vivid colors, glossy fabric and beautiful broad border make these sarees immensely popular among women who belong to a class. It is not an ordinary saree, but 9 yard wonder. At present, the planet has become a global town and Kanchipuram Sarees are accessible all around the globe. These sarees hold a special position in the hearts of women, especially who love Indian tradition, culture and values.

Specialty of Kanchipuram Soft Silk Sarees    

The older the saree is the more special and precious in becomes.  Kanchipuram Sarees are the pride of Sound India and known for their durability. It is not just for your lifetime, but also to last beyond. The striking designs are woven with golden and silver threads to make them just perfect for various occasions, including ceremony, festival and wedding, etc. Sun, moon, chariots, deer, swans and peacock, are some famous designs. Temples, palaces and ancient paintings are also women that are unexceptionally noticeable. The shine and permanence have made these sarees out of the crowd.

Why Kanchipuram wedding Sarees are so expensive?

Wearing Kanchipuram wedding sarees not only makes you look gorgeous, but rich as well. There are convincing evidences to support the statement. To come up with brilliant shine, the threads are dipped in solutions of real silver and gold. The gold and silver threads, popularly known as ‘zari’ are made with about 57% of real silver and .6% of pure gold. It is woven with mulberry silk that is procured from Karnataka. Before carrying out the woven process, the weavers dip the thread in rice water and dry in the sunlight. Owing to heavy weight and smooth fabric, it is considered a perfect choice for special occasions. Wedding sarees are profoundly garlanded with pulsating hue and embroideries.

A bit about the originof wedding sarees online

The beginning of these dazzling wedding sarees online dates back to centuries ago. According to the legends, there was a weaver Sage Markanda who weaves for Gods. His skills were conveyed to his pupils who are known as Kanchi Silk Weavers. It is believed that these weavers are at the back of origin of this fabric. A city Kanchipuram in Tamilnadu is the native land of these wedding sarees online. Now, this city is famous all around for immense production of  wedding sarees. They are hand woven by skilled craftsmen who are immensely creative and innovative. check wedding sarees online at http://weddingsareesonline.com

The exceptional effects

Over the time, Kanchipuram soft Silk Sarees have undergone lots of transformations, while maintaining the traditional values along with the grace and elegance. However, to cater to the expectations and needs of modern people, some other materials are used to weave the sarees. The designs are going mechanized. It speeds up the production speed of the sarees. The border, Pallu and body, are woven separately and joined together. Pallu is the main attraction of the saree and craftsmen put all their imagination to make it excellently stunning.

Below are chennai silks online shopping  selling silk sarees in chennai Tnagar,

1.Sri Kumaran Stores

Address: 61, Usman Road, Parthasarathi Puram, Thiyagaraya Nagar, Chennai, Tamil Nadu 600017
Phone: 044 2434 2744
2.  Kumaran Silks
Address: No: 12, Opp. to Panagal Park, Nageswaran Road, T Nagar, Chennai, Tamil Nadu 600017
Phone: 099401 04852
3. Kala Niketan
Address: 115, Pondy Bazaar, Opposite Fathima Plaza, T. Nagar, Pondy Bazaar,, Chennai, Tamil Nadu 600017
Phone: 044 2434 0156
4. Jayachandran Textiles
Address: 132, N Usman Rd, Postal Colony, Parthasarathi Puram, T Nagar, Chennai, Tamil Nadu 600017
Phone: 099428 69004
5. Tulsi Silks
Address: 68, Luz Church Road, Mylapore, Chennai, Tamil Nadu 600004
Phone: 044 2499 1086
6. KSIC Mysore Silk Showroom
Address: 3, Venkatanarayana Road, Opp. Petrol Bunk, T Nagar, Chennai, Tamil Nadu 600017
Phone: 044 2433 1106
7. Vivekanandha Sarees
Address: 12 Melony Road, Near Hindi Prachar Saba, T.Nagar, Chennai, Tamil Nadu 600017
Phone: 044 2433 6966
8. S.M.Silks
Address: No.10,Nageswaran Salai,T Nagar, Chennai, Tamil Nadu 600017
Phone: 044 2435 6890
9. Madras Maharani – Indian Luxury Silks
Address: 6 (old #3),, Rama Rao Rd, T Nagar, Chennai, Tamil Nadu 600017
Phone: 073585 62505
10. Varsidhi
Address: Shop No.56,Gopathi Narayanaswami Chetty Rd, Thiyagaraya Nagar, Chennai, Tamil Nadu 600017
Phone: 044 2815 0991
11.  Ruprang Designer Sarees
Address: 61/31, Gopathi Narayanaswami Chetty Rd, Lakshimi Colony, T Nagar, Chennai, Tamil Nadu 600017
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Address: 10, Arcot St, Parthasarathi Puram, T Nagar, Chennai, Tamil Nadu 600017
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13.  Sree Andal Silks
Address: No.9, Muthukrishnan street, Pondy bazaar, T nagar, Chennai, Tamil Nadu 600017
Phone: 08079 444 799
14.  Prashanti Sarees
Address: No.16, 6th Cross Street, CIT colony, Near Chettiar Hall, Mylapore, Chennai, Tamil Nadu 600004
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